Compressor Vacuum and Refrigeration Fluids

Matrix Specialty Lubricants provides a very wide range of compressor and vacuum pump fluids. Extreme service intervals, high temperature applications, high vacuum applications, chemical resistance all is possible.

We are specialised and very flexible in creating OEM and private label service fluids. Please contact us for possibilities.

Our products

Vacuum Pump Fluids

Whether you are looking for a lubricant for standard vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps or a lubricant for a diffuser pump. The Matrix Specialty Lubricants range of vacuum pump fluids range will contain the product you are looking for.

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Gas Compressor Fluids

Gas compression requires products which do not dilute the compressed gas. Matrix Gascomp series provides excellent viscosity stability and therefore warranted lubrication properties.

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Air Compressor Fluids

From basic mineral based until the most exotic synthetic fluids can be found in this range of compressor fluids. Reliable, long life, superior oxidation stability, clean operation all key words concerning the performance of the range of Matrix compressor fluids.

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