EasyTom S

Compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System

System Benefits

  • Highly flexible X-Ray CT system : large scanning volume in a small footprint easily fitted into a lab or office room

  • Highest Resolution 3D CT : 2 µm

  • Achieve high resolution scans within the shortest time (6s): reduces the time to market and enhances the quality of your components 

  • Innovative design that minimizes system downtime and required maintenance

  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow for production batch

  • Unequalled system size versus scannable volume ratio

Software Key Features

  • Large variety of acquisition modes: conventional, helical, laminography, shift and stack modes 

  • Programmable automatic calibration and stabilisation

  • Easy and intuitive 3D optimization of the sample reconstruction volume

  • Automated wizard enabling non expert users to run CT scans

  • CT Scan Wizard with a highly intelligent, simple to use interface allowing fast and easy setup of the parameters for a high resolution, fast scan to the user needs