Food Grade Lubricants

Foodmax is a very extensive range of NSF and InS approved food grade lubricants and greases. The right product for the right application”. The product line includes hydraulic oils, gear oils, heat transfer fluids, compressor and vacuum pump oils, a range of spray cans and over 10 different type of greases including the latest Calcium Sulfonate technology.

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Food Grade Chain & Conveyor Lubricants

In the food production industry all circumstances can be found (moisture, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc.) which will make it vital to choose a good chain lubricant. The line of Foodmax chain lubricants offer a wide range suitable for all types  of chain lubrication.

Looking for a “dry” lubricant for bottle conveyors to replace water soap mixtures?  Foodmax AW 22 can give you the clean solution you are looking for.

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Food Grade Spray Cans

Every maintenance engineer uses them; spray cans. Matrix Foodmax spray cans contain the following products, chain fluids, grease, general purpose lubricant, silicone oil, penetrating oil, dry lubricant and a cleaner. The Foodmax spray cans are not only H1 approved a number of them also have a 3H approval for direct contact with food.

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Food Grade Compressor & Vacuumpump Fluids

Compressed Air and Vacuum vital components during the production of food. Therefore the  trouble free lubrication of the Compressors & Vacuum pumps is extremely important. Matrix Foodmax Air range provides long life and trouble free operation.

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Other Food Grade Lubricants & Fluids

To complete the line Foodmax Matrix Specialty Lubricants also has a food grade heat transfer fluid, silicone oils, intermediate food safe coolant, metal stamping fluid, and some other food grade products which allow complete food safe lubrication of a food production plant.

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Food Grade Greases

Making a food safe grease is one thing but making a food safe grease which actually outperforms any industrial grease is something we managed to do with our latest Calcium Sulfonate technology Foodmax greases. Besides this we offer of cause also Foodmax Aluminium Complex based and Silicon based greases for any type of food equipment.

Even when a 3H approved food grade greases is needed in case of direct contact Foodmax inor 3H can provide the solution.

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Food Grade Gear Lubricants

The very extensive Foodmax range contains a number of different type of gear lubricants. The latest base oil and additive technology allows us to make gear oils which provide excellent Extreme Pressure properties, long life and energy efficiency as a result of low friction

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