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Greases are often reffered to as ‘black magic’. We believe it is just a matter of knowing what to use and where in order to provide the best solution. Our line of greases is therefore almost unlimited: a wide variety of thickener technologies, base oils and additives according to the latest technology and development allows us to provide greases which provide performance that goes beyond most of the common industrial greases.

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Lithium Calcium Greases
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Calcium complex
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Inorganic Greases
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Polyureas are made with ashless organic thickeners and have a good resistance to oxidation. They provide very good high temperature performance since the consistency will not drop that much at elevated temperatures. This makes the grease very suitable where potential leakage from the bearings is seen due to high temperature thinning of the grease. Polyurea greases are very suitable for long line centralized systems. Therefore polyurea greases are popular greases in steel and paper processes.

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Barium Complex Greases

Barium complexes were one of the first multipurpose greases. The dropping points range from 200° – 250°C, and is fairly stable to shear and working. They are water resistant and act as fair rust preventatives. They are not very pumpable at cool temperatures, but can be made so by adjusting the base oil. Barium complex is a fairly good multipurpose grease,

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Bentonite Greases

Commercial bentone powder used as a thickener is basically an organophillic montmorillonite type of clay. They are formed by slurrying in the bentone powder in a portion of the oil, pre-gelling by adding a dispersant and stirring, then heating to drive off the remainder of the dispersant. Finally, the oil is blended in to adjust to the proper consistency. Bentones have a buttery texture, virtually no melting point, good adhesiveness, fair mechanical stability and poor rust preventative properties. They are valuable in high temperature applications and can be used as a multipurpose grease. The greatest disadvantage occurs if maintenance is neglected and an offing-out or breakdown of the grease occurs. The end result is bentonite clay in the bearing which will cause a rapid catastrophic failure of the system.

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Calcium Greases

Calcium greases are smooth and buttery in texture, have excellent water resistance, a fair mechanical stability, are easy to apply and have melting points just under the boiling point of water. Their lower temperature characteristics are governed by the mineral oil. Their maximum temperature is usually limited to about 65°C, while they may survive 95°C for short periods of time. Applications are found in the automotive  and  farm  industries. Other uses include chassis lube, mine car grease, fifth wheel grease, track roll grease and water pump grease.

Calcium 12 Hydroxy Stearate grease

This grease is made by reacting 12-hydroxy-stearic acid with hydrated lime and diluting with mineral oil. It is sometimes referred to as anhydrous calcium grease. It has excellent water resistance, good mechanical stability, and its low temperature properties are also dependent on the mineral oil used. The melting or dropping point is usually around 120°C and can be used in areas where conventional calcium can not.

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Lithium complex

The first Lithium Complex grease was invented in 1959. It is an all round high temperature lubricating grease with excellent pump ability  and shear stability properties. Depending on the base fluid the, the actual working temperature may exceed 220 C for intermediate periods. There has been a growing trend in the worldwide use of this grease.

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Lithium Greases

Lithium greases hold the highest value as a true multipurpose grease at a reasonably inexpensive cost. Lithium greases are buttery in texture, with high melting points above 175°C. When blended with 12-hydroxy-stearates and complexing agents, good qualities can be obtained. Those include very high melting points, good water resistance and excellent resistance to breakdown or softening by working.

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