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Ship Building Industry

Quality solutions (QS) can help you meet this challenge with FARO FOCUS 3D X330 laser scanning. We offer a unique service solution that delivers high definition 360-degree by 320-degree photo-realistic scans to a 3D CAD surface model.

 Requiring precision assembly in tough industrial environments, components used in shipbuilding and naval engineering must be verified against design specifications to ensure proper fit. 3D laser scanning solutions from FARO allows for the captures of 3D as-built documentation for repair or restoration. Ships and even mega or luxury yachts are very complex assemblies, comprising numerous parts, components and systems (hull, interior spaces, electrical/mechanical/propulsion systems, propellers and engines parts, components etc). Yacht manufactures and repair companies are utilizing 3D scanning for quality control and assurance retrofits and rebuilds. 3D scanning helps to remove human errors and speeds project completion times by rapidly capturing the vessel geometry for a wide number of applications. Also, direct digital manufacturing can be used for producing parts for yacht interiors and specifically where customized low volume parts are required. 

Application for:

  • Ship Building
  • Mega and Luxury Yachts
  • Ship repairs and maintenance
  • Marine equipment, parts & components, offshore plant.
  • Fast and reliable technology to capture complex as-built situations in engine and pump rooms
  • Complete 3-dimensional information of the actual conditions
  • Risk minimization in projects where access is difficult and schedule are tight

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