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Reverse Engineering and Quality Inspection

Quality Solutions provides Reverse Engineering and Quality Inspection services that are becoming popular method of creating and measuring 3D Model of a part without existing CAD files.Reverse engineering reconstructs classic designs and implements new ones. It can generate lost or absent design documentation.

Using non-contact 3D laser scanning, FARO’s portable CMM and 3D documentation solutions, Quality Solutions is able to integrate disparate 3D modeling processes into a single step that can provide virtual simulations of automotive interiors, support rapid prototyping in plastics manufacturing and inspect composite surfaces in aerospace assembly.

FARO SCANARM combines all of the advantage of the FaroArm with a hand held laser scanner (Laser Line Probe) and is the perfect contact/non-contact measurement system. Laser scanner provides quick and effective way to inspect and reverse engineer complex parts and surfaces. They turn everyday object into digital computer models. Soft, deformable, and complex shapes can be easily inspected. The laser scanner captures thousands of measurements per second and creates what is called point cloud data. This data is then converted to mesh model such as .STL that can be used in downstream applications.

Quality Solutions provides Reverse Engineering and Quality Inspection services that are becoming popular method of creating and measuring 3D Model of a part without existing CAD files.


o   Higher accuracy on complex surface vs hand measuring.

o   Faster process compared to traditional methods.

o   Replicate existing geometry quickly and inexpensively.

o   Replicate parts that have no tooling or CAD data.

o   Accuracy of ±25µm (±0.001in).

o   Scan rate is 560,000 points per second.

o   Reliable, repeatable and highly accurate measurement data is delivered with confidence as a result of superior optical performance.

Rapid scanning speed increase coverage and reduce scanning time.

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FARO Edge Arm ScanArm HD assists in World Water Speed Record Challenge


Modern-day challengers have a clear benchmark against which to measure their skill and ingenuity. The World Water Speed Record is the pinnacle of sporting achievement on water – a compelling contest by man and machine, played out on a backcloth of wind and wave, distance and time.
The current record of 317.60 mph was set by Australian Ken Warby, in Spirit of Australia on the 8th of October 1978, at Blowering Dam Reservoir, NSW, Australia. Although this impressive mark has been challenged on several occasions, the record has now stood resolute for more than 36 years.

With the objective of bringing the Water Speed Record back to the UK, author Nigel Macknight established the ambitiousQuicksilver project. Now, after much development work, experimentation and in-depth trials, an extremely efficient boat design has emerged.


With the help of the FARO Edge Arm ScanArm HD data has been gathered relating to all of the Quicksilver boats external surfaces. The rapid capture of precise data will help to expedite the penultimate stage of the project. The FARO Edge Arm ScanArm HD combines the flexibility and the functionalities of a FARO Edge measuring Arm with the high-definition Laser Line Probe HD creating a powerful contact/non-contact portable measurement system ideal for challenging application requirements, such as In-Process Inspection and Automotive.

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