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NCG CAM is perfect for the high-speed machining of moulds, dies, prototypes and precision surface machining. Standalone CAM product- ideal for shop floor programming 

Main Benefits: 

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Quickly computes efficient, reliable toolpaths for even the most complex geometries with highest-quality surfaces finishes
  • Assembles all high-speed precision machining processes into a single package.
  • Supports multiple CAD systems and data formats
  • Extends tool life and reduces wear on machines with its optimised toolpaths, feed-rate optimisation and anti-vibration capabilities.

Main Features

  • Automatic 3 to 5-axis conversion
  • 5-axis machining routines, specialised for mould & die
                   – Swarf milling
                   – Morph milling
  • Optimised machining time
                  – Allows the use of shorter and more rigid cutters 
                  – Higher feed-rates can be used
  • Post-processors for 5-axis are written in-house, but are a chargeable item
  • Simulation – on-screen machine tool simulation as standard

NCG CAM today.

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