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Course Name
  • FARO Advanced Training

    In advanced training, the knowledge communicated in a basic training is expanded and applied to your real-world application. You will learn how to deal with enhanced functions of the software, making your daily work even more effective. We will be happy to discuss your specific questions and tasks during the training.

    Course Code      FARO Adv-012

     Course Length   2 Days


  • FARO Basic Hardware Training

    The basic training serves as a basis for working with the FARO measurement system. We cover basic operation, as well as the interaction between software and hardware. This includes software operation, standard alignment, measurements, recording, and reporting. The duration of our basic courses depends on the individual product.

    For those looking to develop their knowledge and experience further, we recommended an advanced training, which can be taken after the basic training.

    Course Code      FARO Basic-011

     Course Length   2 Days


  • FARO Cam2 Measure 10

    In this training session, you will become familiar with how the FARO Edge Arm and CAM2 Measure 10 software interact with one another to provide accurate 3D measurements.

    You will also be introduced to a Basic Measurement Strategy, which will get you thinking about what you need to include in the final report and how you can obtain that information before you begin measuring. You will see the process of how you think about a project vs. how you actually do a project.


    Course Code      FARO Cam2-010

     Course Length   4 Days


  • On-site Application Engineers

    Our application engineers are standing by for any support requirements in your measurement task, providing a quick and effective solution to your questions.

    Course Code      FARO Cam2-010


    Course Length   3 Days

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