Modular Design for a Highly Versatile X-Ray Micro or Nano CT System

UltraTom : Totally open designed X-Ray Computed Tomography & Radioscopy Equipment

UltraTom Benefits

  • The only modular system allowing a combination of high power and high resolution X-Ray sources: more than 2 X-ray tubes including nano-focus160 kV & micro-focus 230 kV

  • The most advanced imaging chain: up to 3 generators at the same time (micro, high resolution and high power)

  • Laboratory set-ups that can be customized according to your applications : for linear detectors, high speed cameras …

  • Highest Resolution 3D CT: 0.35 µm

  • High precision granite table and air bearing axes that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders

  • Ideal for very large in-situ CT experiments

  • Totally open design

RX Solutions UltraTom X-ray system placed in a bunker

Software Key features

  • Large variety of acquisition modes: conventional, helical, laminography, shift and stack modes 

  • Programmable automatic calibration and stabilisation

  • Remote control, scripting and serial communication

  • Easy and intuitive 3D optimization of the sample reconstruction volume

  • Semi-automated wizard enabling non expert users to get satisfying results

  • Powerful and easy to use reconstruction artefacts correction algorithms

  • Open tube interactive autofocus