DM Discovers Creative Dimensions at 3D Design & Reverse Engineering Workshop

Staff, faculty and students at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) got to experience the novelty of 3D design when the campus’s  Engineering Division hosted a 3D Design & Reverse Engineering Workshop on October 18.

The workshop, delivered by Quality Solutions a leading company with a broad set of expertise in the field of  3D Design, 3D scanning & Reverse Engineering Workshop, was attended by a wide cross-section of interested parties including Engineer Abdu Rahman Al Jahoushi, ADM campus Director, and Dr. Maen Odeh, Dean of Academic Operations.

Students from different engineering disciplines were exposed to a number of fascinating demonstrations reflecting the capabilities of 3D scanning and Reverse Engineering , which were conducted using additive processes where objects were created by laying down successive layers of material until the objects were created.

Each of these layers were seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object. Students attending the workshop were given the hands-on experience of experimenting with this technology which simply allows them to create virtually anything they can imagine.

The presenters were honored by the campus Director for delivering this outstanding workshop and for sharing this technology with the ADM faculty and students.

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