Build, Align and Verify with Confidence

FARO® provides 3D hardware and software solutions for as-built data capturing and 3D visualization of architecture, engineering and construction projects that allow AEC professionals to quickly and accurately extract desired 2D and 3D deliverables.

Flexible Solutions for Manual Measurement or Inspection

FARO’s range of portable CMM solutions include Measuring Arms, Trackers, Imagers and Software. These are all flexible solutions for manual measurement or inspection in an industrial or manufacturing environment

Automated Solutions to Simplify Measurement or Inspection

FARO’s portable CMMs also provide solutions as part of an automated system in an industrial or manufacturing environment whereby the person can be taken out of the measurement and analysis.

Accurate and Reliable Factory Metrology Solutions

No matter what measurement challenges you are facing, be it a need to perform 3D inspections, CAD-to-part analysis, alignments or reverse engineering – FARO’s portable CMMs are the industry standard in Factory Metrology.