3D Scanning – Reverse Engineering – 3D Design – Go to Market

Metrology develops portable 3D digitization solutions designed to capture complex geometries of prototypes, products and assemblies to increase the efficiency in product development.

Your fastest and easiest way to a 3D CAD model

Capture Physical Part Geometry as the Front End of Your Design Process

You have a project to complete with a tight deadline. The challenge is bridging the physical and virtual world boundary so the work can be accomplished. Metrology services enable quick, accurate and efficient capture of real world parts and objects into modeling software where a 3D representation is generated in a virtual workspace ready for you to execute your design and build your project.

Experience the Speed and Efficiency of Pure Digital

Work fully in the digital domain and leave behind traditional hand measurements, manual cross sections and notebooks – including the time trying to remember what you wrote down. With a full 3D representation in your software, everything you need is at your fingertips. Quickly complete your work correctly the first time using the digital reference to verify that the model is accurate and complete.

Finish Your Projects Strong

3D data is only the beginning. You need a team to support your work through product release, project deadline or physical finish line in the case of motor sports. Different applications require very different deliverables. Metrology understands your end goals and how to get there – providing and supporting best in class solutions. Complete your project on time and on budget – every time.