High quality specialty lubricants and lubrication technology from a single source

Quality Solutions vision is to provide the right lubricant for the right application. Too often historically wrong recommended and old technology products are used in applications where new technology can bring solutions. It is just a matter of knowledge.

MATRIX manufactures over 2,600 different products, providing the right lubricant for every application and every industry sector. In addition to a wide range of lubricants, innovative lubrication solutions offer optimum lubrication performance. This will help you to not only find the right lubricants for your application, but also to help you optimize your production process. Our product range includes, among others, high and low temperature lubricants, assembly pastes, gear, hydraulic, chain and compressor oils, bonded coatings and silicone lubricants. We also offer a wide range of NSF / InS certified H1 lubricants for all applications in the beverage, food or pharmaceutical industries.