Architecture And Construction Industry

Quality solutions (QS) Deploys their vast fleet of high speed laser scanners, capturing up to one million points per second, to deliver individual “spheres” of data. Each individual scan is a high resolution “laser-point” depiction of all line-of-sight objects. Architectural practices, construction engineering companies and building contractors have all adopted  3D laser scanners for 3D modeling and as-built documentation and software system authored by HI-CAD called DIMES (Data Integrated Management Engineering System). These as-built high definition 3D data sets produce a virtual plant / facility environment that can be integrated directly with CAD systems (AutoCAD, Micro Station, CAD Works, Auto Plant, Smart Plant 3D, AutoCAD Revit, PDS, PDMS) to interrogate and clash check against new Design Models. Elevations, measurements, coordinates, pipe diameters, and high definition photos can be extracted with the click of a mouse. Engineering groups can design directly within this data to ensure the elimination of clashes and interferences. This is opposed to the conventional alternative of relying on existing drawings that are typically not up to date.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • The monitoring of building construction provides higher quality and smoother operations during structural work and fitting means reduced times and costs.
  • Rapid target / actual status comparison during construction.
  • Seamless monitoring of construction progress for legal and technical documentation.
  • Comprehensive 3D documentation, including photographs.
  • Precisely records the inventory data that facility managers need
  • The Focus3D provides a precise model of the actual condition of buildings and properties.
  • The actual data compiled are available for CAD and CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) software.
  • Ideal basis for planning construction measures such as re-planning production lines in industrial buildings